Matthew 1-2

Matthew's gospel opens up with a genealogy. I know, most people would rather just skip that part and get right to the "real" story. I know the feeling. But Matthew had a purpose for including this list of names. Matthew wants us to see how Jesus connects to the old story. God has planned from the beginning of time to send Christ. Reading this list of names is like re-reading the Old Testament story. Jesus is the culmination of God's grand narrative.

God's narrative is still playing out. The Apostle Paul reminds us that God's plan is for the fulness of time. God will unite all things in Christ. We get to be part of this plan. In fact, Matthew's list of names isn't the whole list. There is a much longer list of names that are part of God's grand narrative of redemption. The Bible calls that list of names the Lamb's book of life. And believe me, that list isn't boring--its a matter of life and death, heaven or hell.

Thank God today that you have been made part of that list. 

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