Matthew 3

It's alway shocking to me when Jesus comes to John to get baptized. I really think I would have thought the same thing John did--why would Jesus need to be baptized? Certainly, Jesus didn't need to repent of his sins. He didn't need new birth. He didn't need to change his life. He was beginning his public ministry. For Jesus, this was his marker for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Baptism for us does mark repentance, but it's also the mark of a new beginning. It's the entry point into the kingdom of God, the door through which we find our membership into the covenant community know as the church. Do you remember your baptism? How did that moment shape your life? When was the last time you saw someone get baptized? Wasn't it a beautiful thing to witness?

As you go about your day today, remember that you have been baptized into something new. You are part of the Kingdom of God, a member of Christ's church. And just like Jesus heard from his Father after the baptism, we find that we are also pleasing to God our Father. 

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