Matthew 6-7

We all know the Golden Rule. It's the conclusion to the Sermon on the Mount. It's the core ethic of the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet, we almost always reduce it to way of saying, "Be nice to one another." Jesus has something far more wholistic in mind. He opened the Sermon on the Mount by saying our righteousness needed to be greater than the Pharisees if we were to enter his kingdom. This is that righteousness. The Golden rule is the righteousness of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus will go on in the Gospel of Matthew to fully demonstrate this principle in his death on the cross. Paul says God "demonstrated his love" by sending Jesus in Romans, and calls it "humbling himself to the point of death" in Philippians. Sacrificial love is the most basic component of how Christians live in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus wasn't commanding that we simply be nice to one another. He has commanded that we lay down our lives for one another.

How well has your life demonstrated the Golden Rule?

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