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Statement of Faith

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer

Statement of Faith

Every church holds to a set of beliefs. We are no exception. We are different, however, in the way we structure our statement of beliefs. We take the Bible seriously. We take doctrine seriously. We believe that right belief about God is paramount to one’s Christians life. We also recognize that not every doctrinal belief is of the same level of importance.

We structure our beliefs according to three categories: foundation, identifying, and open-handed. The first category contains beliefs that are fundamental to Christians of nearly all denominations. If you disagree with us on any of these points, we will affirm that we are not of the same spirit. You should not join our church.

The second category of beliefs represent the heartbeat of our church. While many true followers of Christ may disagree about these positions, each is vital to the way we practice our faith. These are not up for discussion. We hold them dearly. But, a church member does not have to completely agree with us on these points.

The third category represents doctrines that may be important, but have little bearing on the daily practices of our church. That doesn’t mean we don’t have opinions and strong convictions about each one, just that we won’t die on any of these hills.

Foundational Beliefs

These are the essential doctrines that all our members must agree to.
  • Trinitarian Monotheism: The only simple God exists in Trinity as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He is the creator of the universe out of nothing.
  • Historical Gospel Events: Jesus became a man and lived an obedient life to his Father culminating in his death on the cross for our sins.  Subsequently he rose from the dead, conquering sin and providing salvation to man. Then he ascended to Heaven.
  • The 5 Solas:
    • Scripture Alone: The Bible is our authority for faith. All our doctrinal beliefs and practices are based on a comprehensive interpretation of the Bible. All believers submit to God’s word for faith, life, and worldview.
    • Grace Alone: We cannot merit God’s favor. We are saved by his mercy.
    • Faith Alone: We contribute absolutely no work to our salvation. Jesus provided salvation for us by his death and resurrection. He took the wrath of God against sin.  We place our faith in his work, not out own.
    • Christ Alone: Jesus is the only means and mediator of salvation.
    • Glory Alone: All things work together for God’s glory. We get no credit for the work of salvation.
  • Bodily Resurrection: Jesus rose from the dead bodily as the first fruits of our resurrection. Jesus will bodily return and there will be a future resurrection from the dead.

Identifying Beliefs

These are doctrinal positions within which TheSquare operates. They are not required for membership, but are hugely important to the structure of our church.  
•Credo-Baptism: We baptize people who have confessed faith in Christ, rather than infants, by full body immersion.
•Semi-Open Communion: Taking the Lord’s Supper is a special means of experiencing God’s grace. It is commanded to be observed by the Lord Jesus. We open the Lord’s Table to members of our church and to all who are true believers in the Gospel.
•Congregational Polity: Our church governs itself. We are Elder-led, by men who have been nominated by the congregation. We do not submit ourselves to a denominational entity.
•Southern Baptist Missional Affiliation: The Southern Baptist Convention works together to share the gospel around the world with a number of mission agencies and seminaries.  We contribute to the Cooperative Program, which is the funding mechanism for that work.
•Non-Charismatic Worship: We believe to goal of the Worship services of our church is to glorify God by submitting ourselves to the Word and by stirring our affections for Christ through musical worship. While we hope for the spirit to work, we understand his work to be expressed by love, joy, and peace rather than by “charismatic expressions” like being slain in the spirit or speaking in tongues.
•Missional Outreach Strategy: Our church structure is built around individual believers becoming disciple-makers rather than building a church program that does evangelism.
•Traditional Marriage: We believe marriage is an institution created by God for human flourishing. It is to be between one natural born man and one natural born woman by life-long covenant.
•Male Headship in Church and Family: The position of Elder is firmly restricted to men who represent faithful commitment to Christ and to shepherding our flock. Furthermore, we teach that all men, as heads of a family, should lovingly shepherd their family as their primary locale of disciple-making.

Open Handed Issues

These are beliefs that may be very important but are nevertheless "open" for discussion.
•Eschatology: There are many varying view points on how this age come to a close. We do not hold to one view as a church, but leave each member to the task of studying the Word and reaching biblically faithful conclusions.
•Creationism: While most people in our church hold to literal six-day creationism, we recognize that there are various viewpoints that can be faithful to the Scriptures.
•Calvinism/Arminianism: Our church leans towards a Calvinistic understanding of soteriology. But faithful Christians have debated this topic for centuries. We do not seek to be the one church in history that figured it all out.
•Political Affiliation: If anything, we just hate politics. We do not endorse political parties or political figures. We prefer King Jesus. But like John the Baptist, we don’t mind calling out sin, and we encourage people to vote according to our Christian worldview.  (Example: Abortion)

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